Combat Networks Announces New Partnership!

Rob Finucan, CEO

2019/04/01 – For immediate release

I am pleased to announce an important and exciting extension to our Combat ETA program.  As you know Combat ETA allows our customers the opportunity to know how far a technician, account manager or executive is away from visiting their site, trackable through an in-house custom built application.


This application has been well received but as you know at Combat, we don’t stop just because we are ahead of the game!  After a lot of careful consideration, I think we can add significant value and continue to develop the application thanks to some work by Paul Boone to transition the application into a profit centre for Combat.


eatsLong story short, we have taken the opportunity to approach Uber Eats to see if we could leverage our technicians, vehicles and Combat ETA application and they immediately saw the benefit and jumped on board.  Under the terms of the agreement with Uber Eats, when we dispatch one of our highly qualified Technicians, Sales Account Manager or even me, using Combat ETA we can now offer the Uber Eats service at the same time.


The way Uber Eats wants to see this flow is that the process starts off as normal when we receive a request for service or a site visit from a customer through the phone, email, web or NOC contact call.   The NOC team will contact the technician, account manager or executive and simultaneously log into the Uber Eats driver app and select an Uber Eats Restaurant/Customer pair that is on the route or near the route to the customer and offer our customers the ability to not only open a ticket, but request a pre-arranged stop at a restaurant, grocery store or LCBO/Beer Store enroute.  In the future, I think we can add dry cleaners or postal services as an additional value-added service.




Simultaneous to the ticket opening and dispatch, an email will go to the customer to see if they want anything from that restaurant (a Big Mac, Chinese food or Tim Hortons)  as a value-added service provided uniquely by Combat Networks.   Not only will Combat show up to fix the customer problem, but we will also be able to bring a delicious meal with us at the same time.  The end result should be an increase in both profitability and customer satisfaction and a differentiated service offering from Combat.

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