Combat Networks is a Leader in Reducing SPAM

Based on the num nospam ber of emails you have received lately asking for your consent, you are most likely aware and annoyed that the CSAL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) changes are going into effect on July 1, 2014. Hey wasn’t CASL supposed to reduce the number of emails you receive…hmmmm.


The good news is that our communication method with you is already compliant. It is almost like CASL was following our lead !

You will need to do absolutely nothing to continue to receive our updates, since you originally registered to follow our blog and receive this information. Our goal is to always keep you updated on new technologies, solutions, helpful tech tips, and Combat Networks. By registering to our blog in the past you have already provided us your consent – Thank You !


As part of the legislation we always need to provide you an opportunity to unsubscribe (which is once again consistent with our existing practice) so please see the link below. We will continue to send updates via email to our existing customers and partners.


And for more frequent communication, follow us on twitter for our most recent exciting news on many topics including all of our announcements on April 1sts.…..

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