Hey Vendors! Dating you is fun, but our target is marriage…

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

The goal of a Manufacturer (Vendor) is to innovate products and solutions to enable customers to benefit from technology advancements in user experience, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance. Their competition drives them to advance technologies that appeal to customers in their niche segment in the marketplace. Improvements to features, usability, affordability and architecture strategy keeps them in the forefront of the ecosystem.

The goal of a Solution Provider is to enable customers to achieve their organizational objective by using technology to advance user experience, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance. The expert human element that a Solution Provider provides is the glue that marries a customer to their technology and provides the assurance of maximum uptime for their mission-critical infrastructure.

Combat’s “Scope Mentality” drives our motivation to possess a depth of range, vision, alignment and precision in our relationships with customers and manufacturers to ensure the target goal is achieved with a measurement of accuracy for customer satisfaction. Here is what we see through our scope:

We don’t want to just date you, we want a marriage!

We go deep because you can’t be “half in” to achieve what we do.

Like dating, building an installed base of customers takes an investment in time and effort. Combat’s mandate to be experts in solution design, selling, operations and delivery means we must have the credentials to do so. Our training and certification is taken seriously. We can’t offer the best solutions and service to our clients without being the most knowledgeable and capable partner to our customers and vendors. Because we want to get to a second date, we know that trust is only evident when we are measured by our commitment to deliver what we have promised. Combat fosters a hands-on environment for our technical team to learn, test, and evaluate technology and integrations in a fully equipped lab and beta system test environment. This gives us the confidence to offer solutions and services that we know will work. When a customer makes a decision to invest, there is no better insurance policy to mitigate risk than having a technical team confident with the delivery and support of that investment.

The second date and beyond….

Protecting an installed base takes an equal amount of time and investment in effort. A strong solution provider knows that winning a sale is only half the battle. Like a marriage, you must keep a finger on the pulse to nurture the trust and be adaptable to change to maintain a long term commitment. With an investment in our vast inventory of spares and software availability for new and legacy gear and our advanced monitoring solutions, we are able to provide support to our customers with SLA guarantees to keep mission critical infrastructure performing 24×7.

Not only do we strive to maintain our elite status with our Vendors by ensuring we stay aligned with roadmap vision, technical competence and sales strategy but we actively communicate continuous improvement and change management process to uphold synchronous advancement in cooperation with the customer and their technology. Combat participates in Partner council meetings, technical forums, open dialogue quarterly business reviews, highly frequent operations interactions, and daily sales touchpoints. We don’t sit on the periphery of the relationship, we immerse ourselves in it to keep the love alive!

Combat’s scope is clear so we don’t miss the target….customer enablement through technology partnerships. Achieving this takes devoted focus, which is our baseline for commitment.

…stay tuned for “Now, who is going to raise the precious baby? — a day in the life of a Field Service Technician”



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