To Cloud or Not to Cloud?  Or is that even a question…

Cloud is not an upgrade, it’s a deployment model and a decision that forms part of a successful deployment.   There are questions you need to get a very solid understanding […]

Sales Commissions: Does it help the Buyer?

  By Christine Armstrong, Communications Strategist The most popular model by far for compensating sales teams is via a commission-based sales structure.  The theory behind commissions was based on the […]

Why Choose an Extreme Network?

The Times They Are a-Changin’ Great network switches today look very different from legacy solutions in size, speed, and power from the ones you may have purchased over the past few years. […]

Combat Networks – First to achieve Extreme Networks Master Specialization Globally

We know it is important to have viable options when a customer is considering a technology, and equally important to trust the competence of the partner you choose to design, […]

Sorry Google….Membership has its Privileges!

By Christine Armstrong, Communications Strategist Some things you simply can’t Google for an answer! Sharing real experiences amongst peers and getting inside information from an experienced community of technology professionals […]

One succinct message for all

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations For one week per year, Combat gathers as many troops as possible to attend an offsite conference where attendees from all facets of the […]

Technical Sales or Technical and Sales

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations While sitting in a planning meeting, listening and observing and contributing content to build a strategy for Sales focus, I watched the blank sheet […]

Why my role in Governance is easy…..shhhhh!

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations There is no such thing as perfect.  That is the start and the end of the story.  Somewhere in the middle, you want to […]

We might talk big, but we WALK THE TALK!!

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations Several years ago when I had the first opportunity to present my view of an Operating Model to my organization, I chose an approach […]

Hey Vendors! Dating you is fun, but our target is marriage…

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations The goal of a Manufacturer (Vendor) is to innovate products and solutions to enable customers to benefit from technology advancements in user experience, increased […]