One succinct message for all

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

For one week per year, Combat gathers as many troops as possible to attend an offsite conference where attendees from all facets of the organization come together to learn from each other.  As a 24×7 service organization, we cannot bring everyone but there is representation from all groups to provide input into lessons learned from the year past and planning towards future goals.  Every year, we include our Partners as well.  The Vendors and Distributors are an equal part of our successes and plans for strategic direction.  There is no exclusion from any of the content or conversations that happen over the course of the week.  There is one strategy that spans various product lines and competing brands.  There is one common goal that unites the disparate group into one team.

Customer satisfaction and retention.

Sales, Solution Design, Product Superiority, On-time product delivery, Project Management, Service Delivery, Customer Support, Contract Management and Finance all have a vital role in one team goal.  One does not stand taller than the rest.  This is the one succinct message that is engrained in the Combat culture from beginning to end.  There is no top or bottom.  There is no us versus them.  There is one customer at a time.  We know where we play.  We know where we don’t.  And we know how to achieve customer satisfaction and retention.

As part of my Governance and Customer Advocacy role, I was able to conduct an analysis to show our Top 30 Customer Revenue Performers in another year of record growth.  I started the presentation with a question to the audience….”Do you know who our Top 30 Customers are”?   The crowd started rhyming them off.  We know our customers well, even the new ones.  When I dug into metrics on customer satisfaction beyond revenue performance, it proved that satisfaction is a cyclical measurement of spending habits.  The customers with large budgets and prohibitive procurement practices can certainly contribute to the top line but the customers who become partners and remain happy with all facets of the team approach are more likely to stay on that Top 30 Customer List, year over year over year.

Customer Loyalty is our bread and butter.  Customer Relationship is our Brand and our Culture.  Whether you are on the Combat payroll, or an extension of our team as a Vendor, a Distributor or a Customer, you are a part of one team.  We are aligned and ready for 2018 and beyond.

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