Combat Deploy

Deploy a team with the track record and experience necessary to bring your new network into commercial operation on time and in budget.

This equipment installation service is ideal for new network installations or when making enhancements and upgrades to an existing infrastructure.

Combat undertakes the following activities on behalf of the customer:

Equipment Preparation

  • Equipment Staging
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Verification


  • Site Preparation
  • Pre-delivery equipment readiness and configuration
  • Equipment, data and configuration implementation
  • Installation carried out by a qualified service technician
  • Operational Readiness and Support plan
  • System Integration and Operational handover
  • Reduce build and integration cost
  • May be combined with Combat Plan™ Project Management Service

Service options

Duration: Project and complexity dependent available

Onsite SLA: Negotiated (8×5, 24×7 etc.)

Maintenance Options

Included – Combat Supplant™ (BASIC)
Optional – Combat Supplant™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Dispatch™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Centry™ (Remote Monitoring)

Software download entitlement

Optional – Combat Ready™ BASIC
Optional – Combat Ready™ ENHANCED

Other options: May be combined with Combat Plan™ Project Management Service offering

Web based self service entitlement: Included (Combat Web CRM)

Telephone access: 24×7 Combat Services Center