Combat Ready

Be Combat Ready™ to respond to technological change & challenges…

Combat Services Software Release Service provides for ongoing access to the latest releases and upgrades to network operational and applications software to help ensure your software is kept current with regular and periodic updates designed to improve network performance.

Up-to-date operational and applications software
Increased network supportability and dependability
Regular advances in network functionality
Access to expert assistance and guidance
Lower cost of ownership and improved software cost control
Combat Ready™ – BASIC service is provided at no additional cost to Combat Dispatch™ customers and is available to other service subscribers and contract customer as an optional component or may be purchased as a standalone contract. The service is available in either BASIC or ENHANCED variants. ENHANCED offers telephone, logistical and installation support as well as bug tracking and call-logging in addition to the basic software availability offered by the entry-level service.

Contract Options
Duration: 12 months or more


BASIC (Software Download Entitlement only)
ENHANCED (includes technical & telephone assistance)

Web based self service entitlement: Included (Combat Web CRM)

Telephone access: Optional (requires ENHANCED tier) 24×7 Combat Services Center