Mobile Services

Combat Networks offers a flexible set of services to address our clients’ specific and diverse requirements including:

WLAN pre-deployment site survey
WLAN design services
Engineering and Configuration
Post-implementation verification
Existing network assessment and analysis

WLAN Configuration Services focus on the configuration tasks required to deliver the wireless services you want to provide on your network:

Wireless controller configuration
Software Revision updating
AP (Access Point) configuration
WLAN client template (profile) development
WLAN Implementation Services put our staff to work for you during the rollout thus freeing your staff to manage the remainder of the network, applications and services:

Installation and Verification of cabling
AP (Access Point) installs and verification
Rack and stack wireless controllers
Rack and stack layer 2/3 switches
Interconnection of all components
Connectivity commissioning, inspection and review
WLAN Integration Services ensure a compatible and fully deployed WLAN environment that complements your existing network architecture:

Wired network audit
Verification of software revision levels (and updates where appropriate)
Port availability requirements
Channel and frequency range requirements
Wired network configuration
VLAN configuration
Layer 2/3 switch provisioning and commissioning
802.1x AAA integration architecture – installation and configuration aid
DHCP server configuration assistance
Certificate Authority installation assistance
Intserv/Diffserv/802.1p assistance
Post-integration review
WLAN Post Implementation Verification Services include:

Post implementation survey
Coverage Area
Roaming exchange and handover
Expected data rates
AP exception report
WLAN controller configuration review
Channel usage verification and analysis
Power verification and recommendations
Failover and redundancy verification
Security conformance, testing and analysis
Industry compliance reporting (HIPAA, GBLA, PCI)
Optional Service Modules that may be included with the above deliverables
Asset tracking
Secure access
Captive Portal
Spectrum Analysis (Cognio Spectrum Expert)