Voice over IP

Combat Networks strives to apply our five-9s mission-critical design & installation experience and technology expertise in data networks to ensure successful converged network deployments for all our customers.

Through experience in the field, we’ve found that many of the networks that should have the capability to carry the intended voice traffic, have network anomalies that can substantially impact a successful IP Telephony deployment. However, these anomalies can often be quickly identified and corrected with a Network Health Check prior to mainstream deployment in the production environment. So that we may provide you with the greatest opportunity for success, Combat Networks strongly recommends the completion of a Network Health Check to examine your IP network for Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephony readiness.

The Combat VoIP Readiness service is an optional extension to the Combat Complete™ network assessment service. Combat Complete™ takes care of the analysis of the underlying physical and logical network considerations such as physical, layer 2 and layer 3 network state inspection including routing, VLAN and network path redundancy. The optional VoIP Readiness component takes care of the following additional considerations to ensure a successful Voice Over IP deployment:

Combat Networks VoIP Readiness Service
An IP Telephony Network Health Check looks for common, symptomatic network anomalies that are “IP Telephony – deployment impairments” that would prevent a successful IP Telephony deployment.

The purpose is to fix those anomalies that can be fixed, and recommend actions to fix the more complex underlying issues. It is a snapshot in time that will help ensure success, but is not a guarantee of a successful deployment, nor is it a certificate of fitness as these assurances are determined by the network installer, the equipment selected for deployment and the particular network environment and applications the customer is using.

The Combat IP Telephony Network Health Check will:

Simulate IP Telephony traffic (media path only traffic, in various patterns appropriate to customer’s planned deployment)
Measure jitter
Measure end-to-end delay
Measure packet loss
Look for common network anomalies
The IP Telephony Network Health Check may, as appropriate, add data throughput testing to study the need for, and/or test effectiveness of Quality of Service strategy and implementation.

All components of the Combat Complete™ network assessment service are included with the specific data listed above as part of the Combat VoIP Readiness assessment.