Wireless Lan

Combat Networks Wireless LAN Site Survey leverages a unique opportunity for all customers – the ability to have connected mobility with your existing data infrastructure. Today’s access mechanism to the infrastructure need not be buried in the ground or hidden behind the walls. An infrastructure can now move and change at the speed of the organization.

All too often, Enterprise deployments or forays into the world of wireless LAN technologies fail to live up to expectation. And the reason can often be attributed with the lack of adequate planning and preliminary testing of the environment for WLAN suitability and configuration considerations. As with all technologies operating on “public” general-access bands, the infrastructure will be subject to interference from other devices, neighboring organizations operating on the same frequency and will require exhaustive security mechanisms on place to prevent hacking or unauthorized access to the customer network. Eavesdrop & Intrusion prevention will be as important as planning & testing the network for suitability beforehand.

A comprehensive Wireless LAN Site Survey reduces complexity and risk.

The Combat Wireless LAN Site Survey is an optional extension to the Combat Complete™ network assessment service. Combat Complete™ takes care of the analysis of the underlying physical and logical network considerations such as physical, layer 2 and layer 3 network state inspection including routing, VLAN and network path redundancy of the existing wired network. The optional WLAN Site Survey component takes care of the following additional considerations to ensure a successful Wireless LAN deployment:

Components of the Service
Validity testing – certifying the compatibility of a wireless LAN solution based on customer requirements and infrastructure needs:

Network analysis – analysis and report generation on one or more segments of the customer network
Coverage area planning – testing and placement of wireless LAN access points
Needs assessment – evaluation of the impact and recommendations of changes to the existing network infrastructure
Wireless LAN strategy and planning – customer consultative engagement plotting current and future course of the customer network
Analysis – utilizing Combat Services and Combat Networks engineering resources to validate information gathered in order to create a seamless customer solution
Prospective customers will need to address the following questions in order to properly design and deploy a Wireless LAN solution:

Will existing network elements support the wireless LAN solution?
Where will the access points need to be positioned to allow sufficient coverage to support the mobile computing environment?

What effect will the wireless LAN solution have on existing protocols and applications currently running on the network?
Combat Networks Wireless LAN Site Survey will answer these questions & then deliver a comprehensive 50-point inspection confirming network readiness, suitability and offer optimization & configuration guidelines to ensure a seamless and hassle-free deployment of this mobile technology.

Summary of Key Deliverables
Provide physical and logical topology maps of network
Create hardware list and document component configurations
Perform technical analysis of wireless coverage area
Provide overview of network transmission reliability
Present network overview and major findings
Provide impact analysis of changes to network
Provide detailed outline of new network configuration
Review of current network conditions, required network upgrades and action plan for implementation
All components of the Combat Complete™ network assessment service are included with the specific data listed above as part of the Combat WLAN Site Survey assessment. Certain modules and services may also be ordered separately.

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