Combat Callback

The Combat CallBank™ option is not so much a service in itself as a unique and flexible way to pay for various services and SLAs that we offer.

With this ordering option, customers may purchase a fixed number of service calls and top-up later on if required.

The contract price is determined by the SLA required and service levels can alter for different products.

For example:
Customer A has two mission critical network cores in Toronto and Montreal and a satellite office in Vancouver.

The customer may choose to purchase a standard (ie. non-CallBank) contract agreement for the head office in Montreal. However, the customer believes that no more than 40 service calls will be placed during the entire year for the Toronto & Vancouver sites.

Therefore a customer can use the CallBank™ option for these sites and purchase 40 calls marked against the Toronto and Vancouver equipment to be covered.

Example of a multi-tier agreement
Standard maintenance agreement – Montreal.

Regular Combat Dispatch™ service at PLUS level:

Provides next business day onsite service with no limit on the number of service calls that can be placed at this location.

CallBank™ option – Toronto & Vancouver

The customer purchases 40 call credits.

In Toronto:
Combat Dispatch™ at PLUS CALLBANK level purchased for the core network products


Combat Supplant™ at BASIC CALLBANK level is purchased for the edge devices

In Vancouver
Combat Supplant™ at BASIC CALLBANK level is purchased for all equipment at that location.

With this option, the customer is entitled to place up to 40 service calls for any devices in Toronto or Vancouver regardless of the SLA in place.

Characteristics of Combat CallBank™
Customer purchases a predefined number of call credits for use throughout the year
The customer selects the appropriate Combat Services Product and Service Level for the equipment at each site
The call counter decrements automatically until all calls have been used. Each time a call is logged, the customer receives confirmation of the open case and the number of CallBank™ credits remaining is posted in the email confirmation
Customers may purchase additional credits throughout the year (minimum of 10 calls)
Highly flexible “pay-as-you-grow” approach to purchasing service
Per call pricing is determined by the equipment to be covered and the mix of SLAs required
Alterations can be made to the equipment inventory at any time & per call credits will be adjusted accordingly
Customer may purchase top-up credits at any time during the contract period
Any mix of services, service levels and equipment is permitted
Minimum of 10 calls required to establish a CallBank™ agreement
Minimum Top-up credits that can be purchased is 10 credits
Unused balance of call credits is forfeited at completion of the contract period. Such Credits do not roll-over when a contract is renewed.
Maximum contract duration for the CallBank™ option is 24 months.