Combat Care

Identify potential problems before they cause network outage and remedy misconfigurations before your business loses money.

Combat Care™ provides customers with a preventative maintenance schedule that puts one of our accredited technicians onsite four times a year at regular intervals to conduct a thorough inspection of the operational network environment.

Combat undertakes the following activities on behalf of the customer:

Verification of customer network operational environment
Physical inspection of covered network hardware
Logical inspection of covered network elements and revisions
Routine cleaning of fans, power supplies, intakes for covered items
Cable management inspection and tidy
Identification of equipment misconfigurations or anomalies

Pro-active preventative maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals
Identification of non-conformances in operational environment
Extend the operational life of covered network elements
Reduce or eliminate downtime caused by failure of network elements or misconfiguration of equipment in the logical network
Verification of network operation
Verification of installed software and/or equipment firmware versions
May be combined with other Combat routine service offerings
Service options
Duration: 12 months (4 visits) available

Onsite SLA: 8 x 5 during regular business hours

Maintenance Options

Optional – Combat Supplant™ (BASIC)
Optional – Combat Supplant™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Dispatch™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Centry™ (Remote Monitoring)

Software download entitlement:

Included – Combat Ready™ BASIC
Optional – Combat Ready™ ENHANCED

Web based self service entitlement: Included (Combat Web CRM)

Telephone access: 8×5 Combat Services Center