Combat Complete

Network Resource Analysis (NRA)
Voice Readiness Assessment (VRA)
Application Resource Analysis (ARA)
A network health-check service designed to assess the suitability and operation of an existing network environment.

Combat Complete™ subjects the entire network infrastructure to a 25-point inspection covering all facets of operation including validation of:

network design
element configuration
software and hardware revisions
network response
application response
The service includes measurements of application response and makes recommendations that may improve average network and application response times through better network design or reconfiguration.

One Combat Care™ preventative maintenance inspection is included with this service.

Network Assessment, audit and verification
Network and Application response measurements
Configuration and tuning recommendations
Security validation to prevent intrusions, eavesdropping and DoS attacks
Inspection of network for safety compliance
Verification of installed software and/or equipment firmware versions
Single instance of Combat Care™ preventative maintenance is included
Service options
Duration: Dependant on size, complexity of network

Onsite SLA: Negotiated

Maintenance Options:

Optional – Combat Supplant™ (BASIC)
Optional – Combat Supplant™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Dispatch™ (ENHANCED or ADVANCED)
Optional – Combat Sentry™ (Remote Monitoring)

Software download entitlement:

Included – Combat Ready™ BASIC
Optional – Combat Ready™ ENHANCED

Web based self service entitlement: Included (Combat Web CRM)

Telephone access: Not Applicable