Combat Supplant

A flexible three-tier managed spares service. The service provides a cost-effective mechanism for customers requiring quick swap out or replacement of defective networking equipment. All Combat maintenance contracts provide the customer with 24×7 telephone access and web CRM entitlement to view case status and log new service calls.

Combat Supplant™ is a viable and extremely cost effective solution for companies whose core business runs on the network but does not want to bogged-down by spare parts inventory management and space considerations. Our replacement parts service will allow you to focus on the business and provide you with replacement parts when and where you need them should an outage occur.

All spare parts are shipped at current revision levels to ensure optimum operation at replacement thus eliminating the need for companies to procure their own equipment, store it and then upgrade it prior to field commissioning.

Reduce operational costs of stocking and inventory management
Ensure replacements are operational and at current revisions
Flexible service levels to match your requirements
Fast and reliable turnaround of spare parts
Outsource spare parts replacement and management
Reduce potential shipping delays to remote offices
Widespread service availability
Contract Options
Duration: 6 or 12 months, longer terms available

Replacement SLA: Basic (regular business hours) Advanced (customer specified hours)

Basic (15 days)
Enhanced (Next Business day)
Advanced (Same day, 4 hour)

Software download entitlement: Optional – Combat Ready™ BASIC

Web based self service entitlement: Included (Combat Web CRM)

Telephone access: 24×7 Combat Services Center