Sorry Google….Membership has its Privileges!

By Christine Armstrong, Communications Strategist

Some things you simply can’t Google for an answer!

Sharing real experiences amongst peers and getting inside information from an experienced community of technology professionals leads to dialogue, recommendations, suggestions and feedback to take forward into your own considerations. This kind of insight comes with every membership.

Combat was proud to sponsor the first kickoff meeting of the year with the Eastern Ontario Chapter of the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) in Ottawa yesterday. These customers got an inside narrative of the Avaya announcements, Corporate messages, and migration programs from a unique perspective…

Combat’s CEO and CTO presented their position and observations from a point of view that is relevant to the audience.

Combat holds the Avaya Overall Partner of the Year status for 2 years running, but is also a Customer and Supplier to Avaya. Combat uses Avaya technology to power our internal UC communications and labs across the country in geographically dispersed locations with full redundancy which was all migrated from standalone BCM’s to CS1000 to CM/Aura infrastructure. Avaya is also a customer of Combat as we are a supplier of professional services to Avaya across the country.

Did you miss out?  No problem!

  • Combat will be doing an encore presentation to anyone who missed the opportunity to attend
  • We can arrange a webinar to accommodate busy schedules as well
  • Or better yet, we can come to your boardroom!

Combat will be doing an encore presentation to anyone who missed the opportunity to attend.

If you are not a member, don’t worry!  You can be our guest. Simply let me know if you are interested and I will do the rest.

Your chances are great to win a free membership at every meeting! Visit for more information and learn more about the benefits of membership!


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