Technical Sales or Technical and Sales

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

While sitting in a planning meeting, listening and observing and contributing content to build a strategy for Sales focus, I watched the blank sheet turn into an actionable plan.

It could end there as a checkmark for a successful planning meeting, but what I got was much more.  When teams collaborate, they create.  We had a mix of Sales and Engineering resources build our strategy.  With alignment from the two teams, we can build a story that can be synchronized and executed.

In my experience, I have come to learn that a truly great technical salesperson is more rare than you think.  People have a tendency towards one or the other.  The important observation I have also made is that both the technical and the sales roles have one common job to do….listen to the customer.  When you have been successful at that stage, you have to create evidence that your proposal fills their need.  Time has to be spent on reading and/or creating technical documents because no two customer environments will be exactly the same.  Time also has to be spent considering how to portray the solution to appeal to the decision makers.  Relevant stories matter.  Whether you are the design writer/reader or the story maker, the pinnacle of achievement is met when these two worlds collide.

A successful planning meeting to me, is a constructive collision of intellect to create a strategy.  When I see the technical team excited about a big lab investment to expand their playground and we collaborate on how this investment will develop expert skillsets to deliver solutions to our customers…..well, don’t I have a story to tell.

(And I happen to love a tidy, closed-loop process.  Meetings can be satisfying)

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