To Cloud or Not to Cloud?  Or is that even a question…


Cloud is not an upgrade, it’s a deployment model and a decision that forms part of a successful deployment.   There are questions you need to get a very solid understanding of before you look at leveraging the sophistication of technology to get you where you need to be.

  • What issues are you trying to address?
  • What experience are you trying to achieve?
  • What complexity are you trying to reduce?

Why Combat and Avaya’s Private Cloud technology have been a winning ‘Combo’ for some of our largest customers

Combat understands that the benefit of technology from a customer’s perspective will only be realized when the architected solution is a perfect match to address the needs.   The TCO becomes a relevant deciding factor with considerations of the deployment model, management ease and uninterrupted service, unmatched support and OPEX vs. CAPEX.

Combat does not choose a technology first and then find a need.  We take our time.  We do our homework.  We make an investment and then we get skilled.

“Combat injects time, resources and the learning necessary to support and evolve communication infrastructure environments and to leverage innovative approaches offered by these solutions.” 

– James Williamson, Channel Account Manager, Avaya Canada.


By complementing our customer’s business outcomes, Combat has become the largest integrator of the Avaya Pod Fx™ platform in Canada because it fills a need.


“A private cloud deployment of an Avaya Pod Fx™ is a great choice for those organizations that aren’t tolerant of even the shortest maintenance windows.  Or in other cases, where organizations need to run communications systems in parallel, such as moving into a new building, while taking advantage of the technology upgrade opportunity that move presents to them.”   

– Greg Curry, Combat, CTO

  • Deploy unified communications and contact center solutions quickly and easily in your private, public, or hybrid cloud environments with Avaya Pod Fx™. You get a combo of applications, servers, storage, networking, and management components in ready-to-operate packages—for turnkey deployment in virtualized data centers and service provider points of presence.
  • Save time and reduce management complexity with fully-integrated multi-vendor solutions. You’ll have industry-leading virtualization technology from VMware, storage technology from EMC, and applications from Avaya, fully integrated in single full-stack solution.
  • Simplify ongoing operations and software upgrades with common orchestration. Because all solution components are managed through a single umbrella management system, you can take advantage of faster troubleshooting and streamlined management. Single-call support simplifies vendor relationships and reduces your number of support contracts.


This is how Combat and Avaya are Accelerating Your Path to Cloud-based Communications



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