We might talk big, but we WALK THE TALK!!

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

Several years ago when I had the first opportunity to present my view of an Operating Model to my organization, I chose an approach to hold everyone accountable for their role in customer acceptance with a notable highlight to demonstrate the ultimate goal of customer retention.  This is a team effort and everyone has an important role to play.  It went something like this…

Handoff your project with PRIDE!

Pre Sales activities with Enterprise customers takes a lot of commitment from Sales and Engineering to create a perfect and trusting environment in which the customer’s requirements are heard and matched with a viable technology solution that fits their expectations and budget.  This process can be lengthy and the conditions and timing need to be ‘just right’ to produce a purchase order.  When you get the good news, do your happy dance and take pride BUT….

Don’t celebrate too much yet!

That purchase order has a journey to take before it can be turned into cash for the company.  Setting up the services team to deliver the project is vitally important to ensure a proper hand off to the Operations team to account for timelines, deliverables, expectations and acceptance.  When a project is understood by all stakeholders, the chance for success increases substantially.


No need to panic when you have experience on your side.  A qualified and experienced technician and an organized project manager, both with a knack for customer interaction, is gold.  From site visits for reviewing site preparedness, to pre-staging, to long hours, to cutover, to post cut support, each phase has to be executed, documented, communicated and managed because hiccups occur.  A perfect implementation is rare when you are working on complex projects.  It can have a perfect outcome though, when you have a cohesive team who uses creativity and nimbleness to overcome challenges.

Congratulations!  It’s a ……

Successful implementation!  That baby has been delivered!  You can invoice.  But wait!  What about recurring revenue?  How do you keep the baby content and growing?  Someone needs to set up a monitoring system to hear if it makes a peep.  Someone needs to get out of bed in the middle of the night to look after the hiccups.  Someone needs to schedule preventative maintenance to make sure it is able to stay healthy.  Someone needs to not only diagnose but resolve any issues, day and night!  This is an around-the-clock commitment.

A maintenance contract enables the services team keep the customer happy and growing for years to come.  The Services Team will be the face of your organization and provide the trust and safety to the customer to keep everyone advancing towards the opportunity to do more business….where the sales person can start the magic again.

Why it works, every time…..

This is the definition of a closed loop process where the path of success is followed by the signals fed back from the output to the input and then back to the output.  It can be that perfect when you walk the talk.

And they lived happily ever after….(but not the end.) 



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