Why my job in Sales is easy….shhhhh!

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

Dedicating my lifelong career to educating myself in what it means when people say “Everyone is in Sales”, I have learned that Aristotle’s quote holds true:  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Easy decision:

To join Combat Networks 5 years ago as an Account Manager.   A company providing solutions and services to enterprise customers in all areas of their mission critical infrastructure (full UC portfolio, data – wired and wireless, firewalls, monitoring, managed services and all ancillary products/services to deliver a complete solution).  Some of which was new territory for me, but lots of solutions providers do this.

What differentiates Combat from the “others”:

I am not selling part numbers, I am selling expert experience.  Our customers are the experts in their respective business and they need an expert, reliable and flexible partner to help them succeed.  We know that large enterprise has challenges with strict policy and process and so do manufacturers.  When a partner is brought into the middle, the last thing a customer needs is more bureaucracy to manage.

Combat’s corporate culture from top to bottom:

“Hold expert ability in every aspect of the business (from beginning to end – design, purchasing, contracts, service management, project management, technical implementation, post-sales support, invoicing and receivables) so the tough stuff looks easy to our customers and vendors”.

For a Sales person, it is easy to sell experts when you have a staff full of them.

…stay tuned for: “Why my job in Operations is a little trickier” BUT, the good news is, developing flexible processes does not have to be an oxymoron when you build your team with experts!

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