Why my role in Governance is easy…..shhhhh!

By Christine Armstrong, Director of Operations

There is no such thing as perfect.  That is the start and the end of the story.  Somewhere in the middle, you want to reach reasonableness.  When your worst day ends up in a reasonable negotiation, you should consider that a win.

Today I received an email of appreciation from a customer who thanked our team for pulling together and getting them out of a jam.  The fact that the customer took the time to send the email is appreciated.  Even the happiest of customers don’t always take the time to express their gratitude.  But often, when a situation goes south, you and everyone else hears about it quickly.

When your company prides itself on a culture of service excellence and teamwork, you tend to take comfort in the fact that your team stands up to every challenge.  So when a congratulatory note appears, you nod and feel grateful that the situation allowed you to shine.  Comparatively, if a situation arises that casts a shadow, you remember that your team is the same team, but the variables are different.  When a pragmatic approach is taken to review the facts, it is always possible to find the root cause or causes of a frustrating experience.  Once the cause is known and agreed by all parties (that’s important!), then the affects can be mitigated through accountability to an action plan with reasonable negotiation.

There is no perfect process.  There is no perfect project plan.  There is no perfect contract, no perfect software, and there is no perfect partner.  But there can be happiness with a team outcome when your baseline never waivers from reasonableness.  Nobody loses that way.  The motivation for my governing framework is to foster long term collaboration in our partnerships.  If my worst day ends up reasonable, then my worst day has not halted progress so we pick up and forge ahead.  I am not afraid of bad days.

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