Network Planning and Design Services

Whether you’re adding new capabilities, upgrading infrastructure or looking at a new installation.

Combat Networks provides professional network planning and design services to help turn your current and future requirements into a network design you can trust to perform today and tomorrow.

We bring the tools, the
expertise, and 20 years of
experience to your:

  • Needs analysis
  • IP addressing requirements and structure
  • Site surveys
  • Access control requirements
  • Type, quantities and locations of equipment
  • Security requirements, architecture and processes
  • Cabling requirements
  • Monitoring requirements

Wireless Requirements Analysis

Guarantee your WLAN success

Combat Networks’ Wireless Needs Analysis is a WLAN planning service that will help to ensure a successful Wireless LAN deployment through:

  • Wireless LAN strategy and planning – customer consultative engagement plotting current and future course of the customer network
  • Validity testing to ensure the compatibility of the selected WLAN solution and your wired LAN
  • Analysis and reporting on one or more segments of the network
  • Coverage area planning including testing and placement of wireless LAN access points

Change assessment to determine the impact and recommendations for changes to the existing network infrastructure

Voice Requirements Analysis

Be sure your network is ready for voice traffic

Combat Networks provides a VOIP planning service that will help to ensure a successful IP telephony deployment through:

  • A network health analysis to identify any common network anomalies that can impair VOIP deployment
  • VOIP traffic simulation to stress-test the network
  • Quality of Service (QoS) measurements including end-to-end delay, jitter and packet loss

The Voice Requirements Analysis service includes fixes for those anomalies that can be fixed and recommended actions to fix any complex underlying issues.

SIP Services

A unified solution to save on voice, data and video transmission.

Combat Networks offers Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking to help you connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) securely, reliably and at a lower cost.

  • Lower cost of fixed trunking requirements
  • Burstable GLSIP trunking to support fluctuating call volumes
  • Global Point of Presence (POP’s)
  • Lower long-distance rates
  • Replace/eliminate expensive PRIs and analog facilities
  • Simplified contracts with no restrictive conditions
  • Virtual Number presence (DID)
  • SIP expertise and technical support
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