Network Care Services

The network care, recovery and support
services you need. The way you want them.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce network downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

Combat Networks puts an accredited technician on your site four times a year to conduct a thorough inspection of your operational network environment and equipment.

  • Verification network operational environment
  • Physical inspection of covered network hardware
  • Logical inspection of covered network elements and revisions
  • Routine cleaning of fans, power supplies, intakes for covered items
  • Cable management inspection and tidy
  • Identification of equipment misconfigurations or anomalies
  • Verification of installed software and/or equipment firmware versions

Network Monitoring

Continuous network equipment monitoring to help manage your risk.

Combat Networks provides remote, real-time, round-the-clock network monitoring for:

  • Real-time Event management and fault resolution
  • Improved reliability and uptime
  • Improved Quality of Service delivery

For high-security, limited-access networks, network monitoring is also available on-demand to respond to performance incidents evidence of equipment or software faults.

Network Performance Optimization

Comprehensive analysis and assessment to drive improved network and application response times.

Combat Networks provides an exhaustive 25-point network inspection and recommendation service that can result in significant improvements in network and application performance.

  • Network design
  • Element configuration
  • Configuration and tuning recommendations
  • Software and equipment firmware versions
  • Network response measurement and recommendations
  • Application response measurement and recommendations
  • Inspection of network for safety compliance
  • Security validation to prevent intrusions, eavesdropping and DoS attacks

On-Demand Support

Network support services without compromise.

Combat Networks’ on-demand support services give you the flexibility to control your costs without compromising your network availability goals.

Pre-purchase service calls in bundles you can configure by physical location, equipment covered and service level for fast, professional network support “in the bank”.

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